The Standing Conference has proposed to invite partner cities to take part in a comparative study to measure their influence in the field of maritime activities.

Recent studies have demonstrated the major role of cities in the development of the European Union, but the particular features  and real potential of these maritime territories are not generally brought to light. The objective is to identify real maritime metropolitan functions bringing together excellence in research and innovation for a “blue growth”strategy.

In this context, the attached questionnaire has been submitted to an array of  European maritime cities. We are amazed and really happy by all the feedback we received from partners .



Thanks to all who responded to this questionnaire !!!!

We would like to gather more information. If you have not completed the questionnaire yet and mind taking the time to complete this questionnaire, your feedback is of great value to us and will certainly help in this study about European maritime cities. The questionnaire will remain open until  January 31st 2014


When this first step is achieved, the partner cities could participate in a report seminar, during a meeting of the Conference due to take place in the first quarter of 2014.Such an event would then give us the opportunity to discuss the follow-up and to identify new collaborations, especially in the framework of the implementation of the 2014-2020 European policies.


Our opinion on the White Paper on a European communications policy, 09/2006

and another opinion on the White paper on European governance, April 2002